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15. Ben Reynolds15. Ben Reynolds



Introducing an exceptional talent within the Leigh Leopards squad: a player whose skills and dedication shine through on the field. Born in Pontefract on January 15, 1994, this player carries a proud heritage within the Leigh club, holding the prestigious Leigh Heritage Number HN#1398.

Having signed for Leigh in 2015, this individual has been an integral part of the team for several seasons. Their senior debut occurred in 2013, showcasing their early entry into the professional rugby league scene.

Before joining the Leigh Leopards, this player showcased their abilities at various clubs, including Toulouse Olympique, Castleford Tigers, and Wakefield Trinity. With experience at multiple high-profile clubs, they bring a wealth of expertise and versatility to the Leigh Leopards.

While their journey hasn’t yet included representative honors, this player’s commitment and drive are unwavering. Their dedication to the game and continuous improvement exemplify their passion for rugby league.

We are proud to have this exceptional player as part of the Leigh Leopards family. Their contributions on the field, combined with their determination to succeed, make them an invaluable asset to the team. Sponsored by AB Sundecks Ltd, they carry not only their own aspirations but also the support of their sponsors and the entire Leigh community.


  Season 2023 Career for Leigh Leopards Career Record
15Ben Reynolds
145530126 135493621921 1746045311147

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