Your chance to own a signed Robbie Mulhern Magic weekend shirt

Our 2023 Magic weekend shirts were created in partnership with The A Team Hub, a special education needs centre in Leigh.

All of the match worn shirts from our win over Wakefield at St James’ Park were signed by their respective players and donated back to The A Team Hub to raise funds. 

The funds raised from the shirts will continue to enable the Leopards Foundation to progress the Leopards Inclusion delivery including the new Wheelchair RL team.

It will also allow them to continue their vital work at the The A Team Hub providing early intervention and support for children and families living with neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorder.

So far the generosity of our fans has helped The A Team Hub raise £3330 through raffles & auctions of the signed matchworn shirts of players like Lachlan Lam, Josh Charnley & John Asiata.

There is now another chance to own a piece of Leopards history as Robbie Mulhern’s shirt is put up for auction.

You can bid for Robbie Mulhern’s Magic weekend shirt here

For more information on the work carried out by The A Team Hub click here

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