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By becoming a sponsor of our players and staff, you will have the unique privilege of aligning your brand with the individuals who make our team thrive. This sponsorship opportunity extends beyond the players on the field to include the dedicated coaching staff, physiotherapists, and other crucial members of our team.

Benefits of player & staff sponsorship with Leigh Leopards:

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Personalised Engagement

Player and Staff Sponsorship offers an unparalleled level of personalized engagement. You will have the opportunity to build relationships with our players and staff, gaining an exclusive understanding of their roles, contributions, and aspirations. This connection creates a sense of unity and camaraderie, allowing you to actively support and motivate them throughout their journey.

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Extensive Digital Exposure

As a sponsor, your brand will receive significant exposure through our active social media channels, official website, big screen displays, and match programs. With a strong online presence and a large fan following, your logo, sponsored player or staff profiles, and brand messaging will reach a wide audience of rugby enthusiasts. From engaging social media posts to prominent website placement, big screen displays during matches, and featured spots in match programs, your brand will enjoy comprehensive digital exposure that connects with fans both inside and outside the stadium.

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Brand Exposure

As a sponsor, your brand will receive significant exposure through various channels. Your company logo will feature prominently alongside the profiles of sponsored players and staff on our official website. Additionally, your brand will be highlighted in player and staff-specific content, including interviews, social media posts, and promotional materials. This exposure ensures that your brand reaches a broad audience of rugby enthusiasts, generating brand awareness and recognition.

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Comprehensive Support

Player and Staff Sponsorship enables you to contribute to the holistic development of our team. By supporting our coaching staff, physiotherapists, and other key personnel, you are facilitating the provision of top-notch training, equipment, and resources. Your sponsorship ensures that our players and staff receive the support they need to excel, both individually and collectively.

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Customisation Options

We understand that each brand has unique goals and preferences. Our sponsorship team will collaborate closely with you to create a tailored Player and Staff Sponsorship package that aligns with your brand's objectives. Whether you seek exclusive branding opportunities, staff appearances at corporate events, or personalized marketing campaigns, we will ensure that your sponsorship package meets your specific requirements.

By becoming a sponsor of our players and staff, you will demonstrate your commitment to the growth and success of the Leigh Leopards Rugby Team as a whole. Your support will contribute directly to the development of our players’ skills, the excellence of our coaching staff, and the overall performance of our team.

Join us in fostering a supportive environment and showcasing your brand’s commitment to rugby excellence. Contact our sponsorship team today to discuss how we can collaborate on a Player and Staff Sponsorship package that aligns with your brand’s values and objectives.

Together, let’s create an enduring partnership between your brand, the Leigh Leopards Rugby Team, and its exceptional players and staff. As we strive for greatness on and off the field, your support will play a vital role in our continued success!

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