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As a prominent and dynamic force in the rugby world, we invite businesses to join us on an exciting journey of collaboration and growth. By partnering with Leigh Leopards, your brand gains access to a dedicated and passionate fan base, both locally and nationally.

Our sponsorship packages are designed to elevate your brand visibility, drive engagement, and create meaningful connections with our loyal supporters.

Benefits of Player Sponsorship with Leigh Leopards:

player sponsorship

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Personalised Brand Association​

Sponsorship of a specific player allows you to establish a personal connection with both the player and the fans. Your brand will be prominently displayed alongside the player's name and image, creating a powerful association between your business and the excitement and passion of rugby.

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Increased Brand Exposure

Your brand logo and messaging will receive exposure through various channels, including player interviews, social media posts, matchday programs, and on the website. This exposure extends your reach to a dedicated fan base, amplifying brand awareness and generating positive brand recognition.

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Targeted Marketing

Our Perimeter LED Advertising allows you to reach your desired target audience effectively. Whether you want to target local fans, rugby enthusiasts, or a broader demographic, we can tailor your advertising placement to align with your specific marketing goals. We provide the flexibility to display different messages within a game to ensure your advert is specific to the target audience. Adverts can be tailored to a specific match and do not need to be static for a season like with conventional boards.​

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Brand Association

Associating your brand with Leigh Leopards showcases your commitment to the sport and the local community. By aligning your brand with our esteemed rugby club, you enhance your brand's reputation and create positive brand associations with a team known for its ambition, determination, and success. This is rewarded loyally by our large supporter base and business network.

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Networking and Hospitality

Player Sponsorship provides exclusive access to networking and hospitality opportunities. Enjoy the chance to connect with players, coaching staff, and fellow sponsors, fostering valuable relationships and creating business opportunities within the Leigh Leopards community.

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Community Engagement

Demonstrate your commitment to the local community by supporting individual players. By investing in their growth and success, you contribute to the development of both the player and the wider rugby community, enhancing your brand's reputation as a socially responsible organisation.

Leigh Leopards offers customisable Player Sponsorship packages tailored to suit your specific budget and marketing objectives. Our dedicated sponsorship team will work closely with you to ensure a seamless integration of your brand into the player sponsorship experience.

Elevate your brand’s visibility, forge personal connections, and demonstrate your support for Leigh Leopards Rugby Club by exploring Player Sponsorship opportunities. Contact our sponsorship team today to discuss how Player Sponsorship can align with your brand strategy and drive your business forward with Leigh Leopards.

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