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Welcome to Leigh Leopards, where opportunities for partnership and brand exposure abound. 

We are delighted to present our exclusive Matchday Programmes Sponsorship, offering both physical and digital advertising avenues to showcase your brand to our dedicated fan base.

Benefits of Matchday Programmes with Leigh Leopards:

Matchday Programmes

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physical Matchday Programmes advertising

As a Matchday Programmes sponsor, your brand will take center stage in our physical Matchday Programmes. Distributed to every hospitality attendee, and available for purchase around the stadium and concourse, this tangible medium allows you to make a lasting impression on our passionate supporters. Your logo, featured prominently on the cover, will capture attention from the moment they enter the stadium. With a full-page advertisement, you have the space to convey your brand's message effectively, sharing your products, services, and values with our engaged audience.

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Digital Matchday Programmes Advertising:

In the digital age, our commitment to innovation ensures that your brand receives optimal exposure. Alongside our physical programmes, we offer a digital version accessible through our website and mobile app. As a sponsor, your advertisement will be prominently displayed in the digital programmes, enhancing your reach and impact. With interactive features and links to your website, social media channels, or special promotions, you can drive traffic and maximise audience engagement.

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Benefits of Matchday Programmes Sponsorship

  1. Extensive Reach: Our matchday programmes are eagerly anticipated by our loyal fan base, providing an ideal platform to showcase your brand to a diverse audience, including local supporters and visiting fans.
  2. Brand Visibility: With your logo featured on the programmes cover, your brand gains high visibility and exposure, capturing the attention of attendees from the moment they arrive.
  3. Engagement: A full-page advertisement allows you to convey your brand's story, products, and services effectively, fostering a deeper connection with our passionate fans.
  4. Digital Presence: In the digital era, our digital programme offers an additional avenue for exposure, expanding your reach to a wider audience through our website and emailed to members.
  5. Interactive Opportunities: With the digital programmes, you can incorporate interactive elements, such as clickable links, videos, or special offers, to enhance user engagement and drive traffic to your online platforms.
  6. Community Support: By sponsoring our matchday programmes, you demonstrate your commitment to the local community and support our club's growth and success.

We invite you to become a Matchday Programme sponsor and position your brand at the heart of the action. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to ensure that your advertisement aligns with your brand’s goals and captures the attention of our passionate fan base. With flexible sponsorship packages available, we can tailor a solution that suits your budget and marketing objectives.

Join us at Leigh Leopards and take advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase your brand both physically and digitally. Contact our sponsorship team today to secure your place as a Matchday Programme sponsor and unleash the power of partnership.

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