Renew your Leigh Leopards membership for 2024!

Renew your Leigh Leopards membership for 2024! Renewals are now Live!

This release is specific to members who purchased a membership during 2023 and have already been allocated a # heritage number. Please note previously visiting the website to register an interest to renew your membership now requires further action from you as set out below!

Serendipity is a word that has been used a lot around the club this year and without any careful planning it just so happens that the day we launch the 2024 membership packages is a year to the day since the announcement of the hugely successful rebrand of the club.

We don’t need to remind you as to just what that entailed as you were ever present ‘Being the Roar’ and we thank you for the fantastic support and part you played in creating an unbelievable atmosphere in the Leopards Den throughout the season.

We hope that you had such an amazing time that you will want to continue your membership with us and to that end we have reserved your current membership tier and location within the Leopards Den.

In line with our continuous improvement, we have integrated a new system for purchasing and renewing memberships and for collecting payments for those members who pay by monthly subscription. To facilitate this, we have cancelled all instructions to existing members’ bank accounts via go cardless. This has not cancelled your membership or ability to choose to continue with a monthly subscription. No payments for 2024 subscriptions have been taken. 

What we now need you to do.

Below are the various membership tiers available from the club set out in a comparison chart so that you can ensure your existing membership best suits your current requirements. You will be pleased to note that membership prices remain the same for 2024. 

To renew your membership, click here where you will be required to input your heritage number and personal details. Your heritage number is the number on the front of your membership card and can also be found on your membership certificate. You can also search for your unique heritage number with your details from our heritage members list here. 

Please then follow the easy-to-use ordering form where you can upgrade or downgrade your membership tier, choose to pay in full or by monthly subscription, irrespective of your previous payment choice, and select a different stand or block location, or simply state you wish to keep your allocated seat. 

You can also renew your membership by telephoning the club on 01942 487896. However, to ensure a faster renewal we advise customers to use the online service. In person renewals can be made at the ticket office during opening hours and any member wanting to make payment in full by cash will need to use this service. 

It is not necessary to visit in person to choose or change your seat. The online service enables you to select the stand and preferred block by viewing the stadium plan and to make specific requests regarding special requirements or grouping of seating with friends or family. The club will contact you to finalise your specific seat after processing your renewal if a change has been made to your existing membership.

Please note to take advantage of twelve months equal subscription you must complete your renewal in October. At the time of renewal your October monthly subscription will be taken from your card and will recur each month on the same date so please ensure you make your subscription on a suitable date for future monthly payments to be taken.

If you renew your membership in subsequent months, then any missed payments from October onwards will be taken at the time of renewal with the remaining payments then recurring monthly.

Full terms and conditions can be found prior to check out on the website.

For the avoidance of doubt your membership can be renewed at any time. However, to ensure you retain your tiered status and stand and specific seat you must complete your renewal prior to the 7th December 2023, after which point it will be released for general sale. Your # Heritage number remains unique to you and will not be lost after the deadline. You can renew your membership in future years using your # heritage number; you only lose your ‘member since’ status after a gap in your membership.

To ensure receipt of your renewed membership package before Christmas 2023 including additional contents we must receive your renewal prior to 5pm on 6th November 2023. Memberships can be renewed after this date, but the club cannot guarantee availability before Christmas and will provide the complete packages at the earliest possible time once available.

Anyone wishing to renew a membership requiring a personal assistant can do so in the normal manner and place in the comments section ‘personal assistant required’. This will ensure that the linked named personal assistant and seat will also be temporarily reserved. The club will then make contact to assist with the application and assessment for a personal assistant’s access card to accompany their renewed membership.

Please note for safety reasons the club will not be offering renewal of memberships or access to spectators requiring a personal assistant in the North Stand due to its non-reserved standing only status and therefore anyone renewing a membership that requires the need to retain a personal assistant allocation that is currently in the North Stand will need to select a different stand during the renewal process.

Where a personal assistant access card application is not successful, the applicant will have the opportunity to purchase a membership for the previously allocated seat prior to it being released to general sale. All members under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a ticketed adult or adult member. Full details of the club’s disability policy can be viewed here

If you have any questions, you may find the answer in our FAQ section of the membership section on our website.

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