Membership Update 7th December Deadline

Leigh Leopards are delighted to confirm that more than 4,000 members have purchased a membership package for the 2024 Betfred Super League ahead of the November deadline for pre-Christmas delivery. This figure is easily a club record for the modern era at Leigh Sports Village.

Platinum memberships are sold out for the season and Black Card, Black Corporate Card, Gold Card, and White Card membership sales are all far more than 2023 memberships with two-and-a-half months to go before the start of the season and a week before the deadline for retaining members’ seats or stand choice.

The club has introduced a new category of membership for 2024, a Red Card which guarantees admission to two home games of the member’s choice. This category is also proving to be popular.

Due to the number of memberships already sold the club puts all supporters on notice that after the 7th December deadline for seat reservations passes Red Card members can choose the two games they require and the stand or seat for their choice. Red Card members can visit the ticket office to book their games or call 01942 487887 to book over the phone.

Tickets will always go on sale for a fixture for an exclusive period for Red Card members to purchase ahead of general sale.

Supporters should also note that should all Red Card members choose a North Stand ticket then when combined with the number of season long memberships that are guaranteed a ticket in the North Stand, this stand would be over subscribed.

Therefore, anyone wishing to secure their place in the North Stand and anyone wishing to secure their exact seat in the West or East Stands should renew their memberships prior to 7th December to ensure availability. 

When tickets for games go on sale to Red Card members for the exclusive period, they will be on a first come first served basis for the various sections of the stadium. Supporters can purchase Red Card packages at any time to ensure they can purchase any additional games ad hoc ahead of general sale.

Club owner Derek Beaumont said: “It is highly motivating to see such a take up of the membership packages and I would like to thank all our members for their support and for re registering onto the new system.

“The response has been incredible, particularly the Gold Card memberships which have passed 2,500 more than the total sales of memberships in 2022 and more than double the number of sales in that category last year. 

“I am particularly pleased to see Platinum Cards sell out and a wait list for upgrades for 2024. It has more than doubled from last year and is a great product and we will look to improve further on last years’ experience. 

“There has also been a good take up on the Red Card memberships which is a great way to be associated and a part of the club and a great way to ensure you can have the best chance of being where you want to be at the games you want to attend.

“With over 2,400 members selecting the North Stand and a capacity in that stand of 2,880 I am expecting to see ‘sold out’ signs go up for that stand on the 8th of December once Red Card members select their games and purchase tickets for any additional games they want.

“The North Stand sold out each game last season but to see it full of members of the club shows how far we have come and great support from the town and surrounding areas. 

“With a long window of opportunity and the great value of a Red Card membership it would be great to exceed 5,000 members.

“I am now working on the schedule of entertainment, booking acts for the AB Sundecks stage and with some quality acts returning and some additional big names, having the benefit of priority sale for each game will become very valuable indeed.

“I am looking forward to preparing all the packages which we are well underway with and meeting up with as many members as I can again when we start despatching them in the lead up to Christmas.

“I will of course as usual be including some random surprises along the way so check your members box with interest.”

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