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Leigh have never been far away from the forefront of rugby league and were indeed one of the first pioneer of our sport and a founder member back in 1895.

Leigh was one known for three things; Coal, Cotton and Rugby League. Now the coal-mines and cotton mills are gone but the Rugby League club remains.

A club with great tradition and heart, our supporters are fiercely loyal and have followed us home and away since our early days.

As we look back down our timeline, you can see the passion from our fans and players that have proudly represented the club, whether it be in the famous cherry and white hoops, which will never be forgotten, or the leopard print of our modern club.

From training on the hay topped marshlands of Leigh, to Cup Final commutes to the hallowed turf of Wembley, our fans have always been at the very heart of this club and why the players do what they do week in week out.


A new era has dawned on this great towns club, and as we roar into this period as Leopards, we take inspiration and motivation from the successes of our former glory days. The vision is clear and the goal is for Super League longevity and silverware is felt by every player, coach and fan. It’s time for the Leopards to emulate our namesake and take to the field with aggression, ferocity and hunger to win.

From Mick Martyn to John Woods, Neil Turley to John Asiata, each and every player who has graced Hilton Park, The Leopards Den at LSV, or any other blade of grass in the Leigh Jersey, our players are playing for this club with pride and passion. Winning solves everything! And we promise as a club to continue to work to this ethos to drive results and bring back success to Leigh.

Welcome to the official team page of the Leigh Leopards, a formidable force in the thrilling world of Rugby League. As proud members of the Betfred Super League, we are driven by a passion for the sport, a relentless pursuit of excellence, and a deep-rooted connection with our loyal fans.

The Leigh Leopards have a storied history that dates back to our inception, and our unwavering commitment to the game has seen us rise to the pinnacle of professional rugby. Our rich heritage is built on the dedication and hard work of countless individuals who have donned the distinctive blue and white jersey, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

At the heart of our success lies a talented squad of athletes who epitomize the grit, determination, and skill required to thrive in the demanding world of Rugby League. Our players, led by our esteemed coaching staff, embody the spirit of teamwork, discipline, and unwavering resilience that has become synonymous with the Leigh Leopards.

As ambassadors of our beloved sport, we cherish the opportunity to showcase our talents on the grandest stages, igniting the passions of fans near and far. The electric atmosphere at Leigh Sports Village, our home ground, resonates with the thunderous roars and unwavering support of the Leigh faithful, creating an environment where unforgettable moments are born.

Off the field, the Leigh Leopards are deeply committed to giving back to our community, engaging in various outreach programs and initiatives. We believe in the power of rugby to unite and inspire, and we strive to make a positive impact beyond the boundaries of the game.

As you explore our website, we invite you to dive into the exciting world of the Leigh Leopards. Discover the latest news, delve into player profiles, relive the glory of our past triumphs, and join us in celebrating the thrilling journey that lies ahead.

Thank you for your unwavering support as we continue to make our mark in the Betfred Super League and etch our name in the annals of Rugby League history. Together, we roar as one, proud to be part of the Leigh Leopards family.

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