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Introducing Vicky Rosevere, a formidable player wearing the number 8 jersey for the Leigh Leopards Women’s Team. Born on October 8, 1980, Vicky has established herself as a skilled and dedicated prop, making significant contributions to the sport of rugby.

Throughout her career, Vicky has represented clubs such as Folly Lane, Langworthy Reds, and Leigh Miners, showcasing her strength and expertise on the field. Her powerful performances and tenacity have earned her the respect of her teammates and opponents alike.

In 2022, Vicky had the honor of representing GB Teachers, showcasing her skills at an international level. This achievement speaks volumes about her abilities and the recognition she has garnered in the rugby community.

When it comes to her favorite player, Vicky finds it difficult to choose just one. She draws inspiration from a multitude of players, each with their own unique qualities that she admires. Their dedication, skills, and contributions to the game continue to motivate Vicky to push herself further.

One of Vicky’s career highlights came when she, alongside her teammates at Leigh Miners, won the league and playoffs, securing their spot as the first-ever community team allowed in the prestigious Super League. This achievement marked a significant milestone for the team and showcased their talent and determination.

Looking ahead, Vicky’s career goals are centered around helping the Leigh Leopards Women’s Team reach Tier 1 of Super League. Her unwavering commitment, leadership, and expertise as a prop will be instrumental in achieving this goal. Vicky’s determination to elevate her team’s performance and contribute to their success is a testament to her passion for the sport.

Vicky extends her gratitude to her sponsor, Zest Property Ltd, for their generous support. Their partnership enables her to focus on her rugby career, providing the resources and opportunities necessary for her development as a player. Vicky values their belief in her abilities and their commitment to her journey.

With her formidable presence and skillset, Vicky Rosevere is an invaluable asset to the Leigh Leopards Women’s Team. Her strength, experience, and leadership on the field inspire her teammates and set a high standard for performance. Vicky’s dedication to her craft and her team’s success make her a force to be reckoned with in the world of rugby.

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