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Introducing a formidable presence within the Leigh Leopards squad, sponsored by WL Piling: Frankie Halton. Born in Leigh on June 18, 1996, Frankie holds a special place in the club’s history, proudly bearing the Leigh Heritage Number HN#1554.

Frankie’s journey with the Leigh Leopards began in the 2023 season, signifying a new chapter in his career. His senior debut took place in 2019, demonstrating his early progression into the professional ranks of rugby league. Before joining Leigh, Frankie showcased his skills and dedication at notable clubs such as Hull KR, Swinton Lions, and Featherstone Rovers.

His outstanding abilities and commitment have been recognized through his representation of Ireland at the international level. Wearing the green jersey, Frankie has proudly displayed his skills and contributed to the success of the Irish team.

Sponsored by WL Piling, Frankie embodies the spirit and determination of the Leigh Leopards. His unwavering dedication to the sport and his unwavering support from his sponsors and the Leigh community drive him to excel on and off the field.

We are thrilled to have Frankie Halton as part of our team, representing the Leigh Leopards with passion and pride. His contributions, both on and off the field, serve as an inspiration to his teammates and aspiring rugby league players.


  Season 2023    Career for Leigh Leopards Career Record  
29Frankie Halton10000 10000 85200080

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