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Zena Francis, commonly known as Ze, is a talented rugby player who represents the Leigh Leopards Women’s Team. Born on December 17, 1993, she dominates the field as a Prop, utilizing her strength and skills to make an impact in every game. Zena’s journey in rugby spans across different clubs, having played for Sale 1861 and Novocastrians RFC in the realm of rugby union.

A unique aspect of Zena’s rugby career is her international experience. In February 2023, she had the honor of representing the Jamaica Rugby Union. This achievement serves as a testament to her abilities and dedication to the sport.

Zoe Hornby holds a special place in Zena’s heart as her favorite player. Inspired by Zoe’s remarkable performances, Zena aspires to reach similar heights in her own rugby journey.

A significant career highlight for Zena was the opportunity to play in the first Jamaica women’s 15s team. This momentous occasion showcased her talent and marked a significant milestone in her rugby career.

With ambitious goals ahead, Zena’s ultimate aspiration is to compete in Super League 1. Her dedication, perseverance, and continuous improvement drive her to push boundaries and elevate her game to the highest level. As she proudly represents the Leigh Leopards, Zena’s passion for rugby and unwavering commitment make her an invaluable asset to the team.

The Leigh Leopards Women’s Team is grateful for the support of their unique sponsor, Elvis Eckardt Recruitment & Sales Solution Ltd. This sponsor plays a vital role in the team’s success, offering their expertise in recruitment and sales solutions. Their partnership with the team ensures that the players receive the necessary support and resources to excel both on and off the field, creating a winning culture within the Leigh Leopards organization

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