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Ellise Derbyshire, a talented rugby player, proudly represents the Leigh Leopards Women’s Team. Born on February 4, 2005, Ellise plays in the position of Loose Forward, bringing her energy and skills to the field.

Throughout her career, Ellise has played for notable clubs such as Ince Rose Bridge, Leigh Miners Rangers, and currently, the Leigh Leopards. Although she has not received international honors yet, Ellise’s dedication to the sport sets her on a path of potential future achievements.

Ellise draws inspiration from Patrick Mago, a renowned player in the rugby world. Mago’s skills and contributions to the game motivate Ellise to continually improve and push her boundaries.

One of the standout moments in Ellise’s career was winning the Woman of Steel award for the Leigh Miners Community Team and being recognized as the Young Player of the Year in her first season playing in the Super League. These accolades reflect her exceptional talent and dedication to the sport.

Looking ahead, Ellise has clear career goals. She aims to finish at the top of Super League 2 in the current season, contributing to the success of the Leigh Leopards Women’s Team. Additionally, she aspires to represent the England Women Senior Team in the future, showcasing her skills on an international level.

Ellise Derbyshire proudly represents Plumbase as her sponsor. The support from Plumbase is instrumental in Ellise’s development as a player and contributes to the success of the Leigh Leopards Women’s Team. The partnership ensures that Ellise has the necessary resources and support to excel on and off the field.

As Ellise Derbyshire continues to make her mark in the rugby world, her determination, skills, and commitment make her an invaluable member of the Leigh Leopards Women’s Team.

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