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Introducing Charlotte “Chilly” Hill, a talented player representing the Leigh Leopards Women’s Team. Born on July 1, 1999, Charlotte excels in the Second Row position, bringing her strength and determination to every match.

Throughout her career, Charlotte has showcased her skills while playing for renowned clubs such as Saints, Warrington, Leigh Miners, and currently, Leigh Leopards. Although she has not yet received international honors, Charlotte’s commitment to the sport and her team is unwavering.

Joshua Charnley is Charlotte’s favorite player, and she draws inspiration from his exceptional abilities on the field. Charnley’s performances motivate Charlotte to continually improve and push herself to new heights.

One of Charlotte’s most memorable career highlights was being part of the grand final victory with the Miners in 2021. This achievement reflects her ability to contribute to the success of her team in crucial moments.

Looking forward, Charlotte sets her sights on having a successful year with the Leigh Leopards. She aims to make significant contributions to the team’s performance, working together to achieve their goals. Charlotte’s ultimate ambition is to reach the highest level of rugby she can, constantly challenging herself and striving for excellence.

Charlotte Hill is grateful for the support of her sponsor, NPG65 Ltd, whose partnership allows her to focus on her rugby career and pursue her goals. Their support enables Charlotte to dedicate herself fully to the sport she loves, aiming to make a lasting impact on the Leigh Leopards Women’s Team and the broader rugby community.

With her determination, skills, and the support of her sponsor, Charlotte is poised to make significant strides in her rugby journey. As she continues to excel on the field, Charlotte’s presence in the Leigh Leopards lineup will undoubtedly contribute to their success.


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