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Introducing Keli Morris, an experienced player who brings her expertise to the Leigh Lopards Women’s Team. Born on September 13, 1981, Keli specialises in the Second Row position and is widely known as Morris within the rugby community.

Throughout her career, Keli has dedicated her efforts to representing Leigh Miners. While she has not received international honors, her commitment to the sport and her team has been unwavering.

Sean O’Loughlin holds a special place in Keli’s heart as her favorite player. She admires his skill and leadership on the field, drawing inspiration from his performances.

One of Keli’s most remarkable career highlights came in the 2021 season. She had the privilege of playing alongside her daughter and together, they achieved an incredible feat. They won the league and secured their spot as the first community team to earn promotion to the Super League, marking a significant milestone in their rugby journey.

Looking ahead, Keli sets her sights on one more season, fueled by her passion for the game and the desire to continue contributing to the success of the Leigh Leopards. Her dedication to the sport and her team remains strong as she aims to make the most of every opportunity on the field.

Keli Morris expresses gratitude for the support of her sponsor, Rye Motors, whose partnership allows her to focus on her rugby career and pursue her goals. Their support enables Keli to continue playing the sport she loves and make a positive impact on the Leigh Leopards Women’s Team.

With her wealth of experience, unwavering determination, and the support of her sponsor, Keli Morris is a valuable asset to the Leigh Leopards lineup. Her presence on the field, alongside her daughter and teammates, contributes to the team’s success and serves as an inspiration to aspiring rugby players.

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