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Introducing Mairead Quinn, a talented player wearing the number 10 jersey for the Leigh Leopards Women’s Team. Born on October 19, 1995, Mairead excels in the 10 position and is affectionately known as Quinny among her teammates.

Throughout her career, Mairead has dedicated her skills to represent Leigh Miners Rangers. Her exceptional performances caught the attention of the national team, and she proudly represented Ireland in 2022, showcasing her talent on the international stage.

Josh Papalii holds a special place in Mairead’s heart as her favorite player. She admires his skills, tenacity, and impact on the game, drawing inspiration from his performances.

One of Mairead’s career highlights came in the memorable 2021 season. Her team, Leigh Miners Rangers, emerged as league leaders and went on to win the Grand Final, cementing their status as champions. The joy and accomplishment of winning both titles remain etched in Mairead’s mind as a significant milestone in her career.

Looking ahead, Mairead has set her sights on reaching Super League 1. Her dedication, passion, and continuous improvement serve as the driving force behind her ambitions. She strives to elevate her game, contribute to the team’s success, and make a positive impact on the field.

Mairead Quinn expresses her gratitude to her sponsor, Meticulous Moments, for their unwavering support. Their partnership enables her to focus on her rugby journey, providing valuable resources and opportunities to pursue her goals. Mairead is thankful for their belief in her and their commitment to her development as a player.

With her exceptional skills, determination, and the support of her sponsor, Mairead Quinn is an invaluable asset to the Leigh Leopards Women’s Team. Her ability to control the game as a playmaker, combined with her unwavering commitment, adds depth and strength to the team’s lineup. Mairead’s presence on the field inspires her teammates and aspiring rugby players alike.

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